The sanitary likeness to traditional wood cutlery blocks


Sanicores sanitary cutlery blocks.   

Sanicore makes sanitary likenesses of those attractive and convenient countertop wood cutlery blocks…… attractive showpieces that have been safely storing and protecting both the cutlery and the user for over a century.

Unfortunately traditional wood cutlery blocks are unsanitary.  

Over time those dark, unvented and unmovable knife slots harbor food particles gleamed from a returning knife and the accumulation of the same film and household dust you remove from your kitchen countertops and appliances make traditional wood cutlery blocks unsanitary.               

Bacterial colonization. 

Add a little moister from a humid kitchen or a damp knife and bacterial colonization begins to form in those in-and-out crevices that naturally occur.  That’s why traditional wood cutlery blocks are always listed among the top 10 filthiest kitchen utensils.

Sanicores’ 7 steps to sanitary

  1. The exterior Cases are totally hollow which allows maximum airflow
  2. The insertable Cores are antimicrobial polypropylene
  3. The polypropylene Cores have additives that resist: odors, scaring and yellowing
  4. The Cores are also designed to allow maximum air and water flow
  5. The Cores are removable and dishwasher safe
  6. The Cores opaque faceplates admit light, and
  7. The Cores can be rotated and reversed to disburse the in-and-out scars/crevices which is where bacterial colonization begins

Sanicore cutlery blocks are more attractive, practical and versatile than traditional wood cutlery blocks

  1. Choose solid wood or echo-friendly bamboo
  2. Choose light or dark exterior Case
  3. Choose the Core configurations that best suits your cutlery collection
  4. Rotating and reversing the Cores reduce the concentration of unsightly scaring
  5. The cutlery never touches the exterior Case so it retains its new-look longer, and
  6. The Cores are replaceable.

Sanicore is not yet available.  We’re in the post-patent development stage.  

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