Sanicores Sanitary Cutlery Blocks

The sanitary likeness to traditional wood cutlery blocks
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What’s so great about Sanicore?

No germs on knivesSanicore is a patented two piece cutlery storage system that features an attractive hardwood outer Case and a sanitary insertable resin based Core.  The Core is made using the same bacteria, odor, stain and scar resistance material used to make cutting boards.

Sanicore has a five pronged approach to thwart bacterial growth.  No other cutlery storage system collectively offers anything near what Sanicore provides to address the bacteria issues related to cutlery storage systems. 


  1. VENTILATION: The insertable Core is slotted to provide maximum ventilation. The hardwood outer wood Case is totally hollow and features an open bottom to allow maximum airflow.
  1. ADMITS LIGHT: Sanicore chose the frosted translucent Core which: 1. allows light to pass, further inhibiting bacterial growth and 2. it makes it easier to know when the Core should go for a ride in the dishwasher.
  1. ANTIMICROBIAL: The Core is made with the same bacteria, odor and stain resistant material as resin based cutting boards. The material also resist scaring which reduces bacterial colonization.
  1. DISBURSES SCARING: The Core can be rotated, reversed and rotated again to disburse the concentration of the in-and-out scaring that takes place, thereby reducing the concentration of bacterial colonization.
  1. WASHABLE: The Core is removable, washable and dishwasher safe. And those same slots that provide maximum airflow… provide maximum water flow to achieve the best possible cleaning results.


Traditional wood cutlery blocks have been the standard for cutlery storage systems for generations.  They provided mobility/portability in addition to (MORE) counter-top convenience.  The handsome wood cases were generally accepted as the standard for proudly displaying the homes cutlery set and accessorizing kitchens.  The primary reason wood cutlery blocks have fallen into disfavor is because they’re unsanitary.  People would have preferred to have retained the advantages of their wood cutlery block but understandably many have turned to less convenient but more sanitary alternatives.

Now that Sanicore provides a sanitary version of the traditional wood cutlery block, there’s no-longer any reason to sacrifice convenience… you can now have both sanitary and convenient.


Sanicore cutlery blocks are beautiful.  They’re made from individually selected hardwood timber that’s’ milled and crafted into beautifully hand finished individual pieces… not laminates like the traditional wood blocks.  These outer Cases don’t come in contact with the cutlery… therefore they don’t receive the abuse traditional wood cutlery blocks receive.  Consequently they’ll last as long as they’re treated with the same TLC as any other quality wood furniture.  Just periodically treat them with wood wax and polish so it’ll retain its natural beauty indefinitely. 

                                                   OTHER SANICORE FEATURES

Sanicore, like traditional wood cutlery blocks provide a safe way to store and protect you and your cutlery.

If your cutlery collection increases or decreases, you can inexpensively purchase a new Core that’s more suitable to your current collection.

Most wood cutlery storage systems lose their attractive ‘new-look’ within 5 to 10 years depending on how much use and abuse it receives.  Sanicore can last a lifetime because the inner Core is scar resistant and replaceable and the outer wood Case doesn’t come in contact with the cutlery.  It’s easily cleanable so it retains its new-look much longer than traditional wood blocks.  536 = 5.5 minutes

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